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Zitadelle Spandau, Italienische Höfe

Berlin. Germany
Artificial Lighting & Lighting Controls

Burckhardt Fischer Architekten
Images: Linus Lintner

The building ensemble, composed of five magnificent sprung arches located in the rampart of the Citadel’s Bastion Brandenburg in Berlin, is called the Italian Courtyards. The name alludes to the Romantic Italianate style in which the buildings are designed. The brickwork walls and ceiling arches offer a unique atmosphere embracing the colour of the stones, the acoustics, the meter-thick walls, the arches. The Italian Courtyards were formerly used temporarily as arsenal, then as a prison. Today they host a variety of events. The five rooms, approx.750 square meters, are outfitted with the most modern presentation technology, a modern bar for catering, and separate artist’s cloakrooms. The rhythm of the large scale spaces with the small scale circulation areas were defined by light. The luminaires were integrated as technical design element which creates in each room a different atmosphere by down- and uplighting as well using adjustable spots.